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Failure to comply with the rules of the game and/or the Scratch community guidelines may result in elimination, and, in extreme circumstances, a permanent ban from this forum.

1. Each player is assigned an alias (this will be used as their username here), as well as a character, a role, and an alignment, all of which it is suggested that you keep secret.
2. When a player is eliminated in any way, their tbgs username, character, role, and alignment will be revealed at the start of the next phase.
3. During a day phase, all surviving players may vote to determine which player should be eliminated at the end of the phase. Unless otherwise specified, you may vote to eliminate yourself; though I don't know why you'd want to.
4. During a night phase, your character's night action (if they have one) may be used. If you wish to use it, just send me a PM. Remember to follow the instructions in your role PM. I'll PM you the results at the start of the next phase. In the event of contradictory actions (for example, a roleblocker targets a doctor, who protects himself on the same night), the first action made succeeds.
All kill actions used on night 0 fail automatically. (During night phases, the thread provided is for general public discussion of the game.)
5. Once you've been eliminated, you may not discuss the game in any way until it has come to a conclusion. You may still talk about other stuff over in the general board.
6. The town wins when all mafia-aligned players have been eliminated, the mafia wins when all town-aligned players have been eliminated, and each neutral has their own win condition.
7. Mafians will know who the other mafians are at the start of the game, but other than that you won't know the alignments of any other players than yourself. You'll need to figure it out.
8. Excluding night 0, all phases will last 24 hours each. Night 0 lasts until everyone who signed up is ready to start playing. (And there are actually enough players to run the game!)

For reference, the threads for the previous phases will be kept in a read-only form in the archive board.
You may change your avatar and signature here, but it's suggested that you don't, at least until you've been eliminated.

If you want, you may give some of your post cash to other players, as long as you have not been eliminated. Just send me a PM if you wish to do so.

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